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7 Best Fiverr backlink Gigs to grow your business

Fiverr can be your best backlink resource if you know how to get the right people to get it done. Many Internet marketers are always skeptical when fiverr and link building or Fiverr and SEO in general are mentioned in the same sentence. In fact, there are several posts against buying fiverr backlink gigs. In this article, you’ll learn how you can save hundreds of dollars using the right services on fiverr and the best fiverr backlink gigs to grow your business.

Principles of Link building

Before we dive in, we need to get into some of the theory behind SEO.

If you already have a background SEO Knowledge, you can skip right ahead… however, if youʼre a beginner to all this, it’s important to have an understanding of why we build backlinks.

As I mentioned in the previous post, backlinks are the second most important part of SEO (behind keyword research).Keyword research is the foundation and the most important part of SEO. But, most of all discussion on SEO is centered on backlinks which is why backlinks are the most discussed topic in SEO.

But first, what is a backlink?

best fiverr backlink gigs

Backlinks are simply links on other websites that point to your domain. Before now, websites rank solely based on their number of backlinks. For example If site A has 10 backlinks and Site B has 20 backlinks, Site B will rank higher and show up more on search engines even if site A has  better content and on-page optimization than Site B. Over the years, online marketers took advantage of this by creating massive amounts of spam links to their sites to exploit this loophole and create streams of passive income.

Now, Google decides which sites will show up in the SERPS (top of their search results) depending on the quality of their backlinks.

What Exactly Does Google Look For?

Googleʼs algorithm has become much smarter and refined over the years. The algorithm has grown smarter to prioritize “naturalness” over just building dozens of links.

To achieve this “naturalness” we need:

1. Link Diversity

2. Link Velocity (Consistency)

3. Natural Anchor Texts

Link Diversity

In order to be seen as being manipulative, your backlinks need to be from different sources and as natural as possible. If every single one of your backlinks came from a blog comment with the same anchor text, then you would be seen as very manipulative in the eyes of Google.

Link Velocity (Consistency)

Link Velocity simply means the speed at which you build backlinks. The rate at which you build your links is an important factor to be seen as being natural in the eyes of Google. It would be seen as completely unnatural if your site went from have a few backlinks to thousands of backlinks in a day.

Natural Anchor Text

Anchor texts are so important because most of Google penalties revolve around anchor text over optimization. An anchor text is simply the text used when linking to your URL.


This is a sample paragraph to illustrate the concept of an anchor text. If you wish to learn more about reselling Fiverr gigs, click here (hyperlink)

The text used to create the link reads click here. In this example, click here is the anchor text.

In the past, people were able to manipulate this system by making all their anchor texts the exact keyword they wanted to rank for.

So, if I wanted to rank for “best affiliate marketing blog” all I had to do was create a bunch of backlinks to with the anchor text “best affiliate marketing blog” for all of them.

Google realized that it is totally unnatural to have all my links to as “best affiliate marketing blog”

So now, this is exactly how we build anchor texts on fiverr:

25% Brand Name- Small Orange

25% Naked URL –  

25% Keyword Sandwich – smallorange website, affiliate marketing blog

25% Miscellaneous – click here, learn more

best fiverr backlink gigs

Buying Backlinks on Fiverr

Buying backlinks on fiverr can be a hit or a very big miss. There are hundreds of sellers on fiverr who don’t even have the basic understanding of SEO making money on fiverr by selling backlinks. These are the type of sellers who offer hundreds of backlinks for ridiculous amounts.The after effect of these backlinks usually result in more harm than good.The most common result are: ban by your ad network or total “de-indexing” of your site from google and other search engines. This is why you should only buy the best fiverr backlink gigs recommended in this guide.

Fiverr Backlinks Gigs to Avoid

Now that you have an understanding of how link building works, these are fiverr backlink gigs to avoid.

Automated Links

Automated links do your website no good. These types of links are well known to attract Google penalties to websites. In other not to see all your efforts go to waste in a split second, avoid these types of backlinks. On fiverr , you can find these type of backlink gig in the SEO category. They offer you thousands of “manually built” backlinks for just $5. Avoid these types of gigs at all cost

1000s Of Link Providers

Just like automated links, these types of backlinks are extremely dangerous to your website.

You can see a seller offering you give you “ 2000 manual quality backlinks from websites with high DA and PA for $5”. Please do yourself a favour and avoid this type of backlink gig on fiverr.

When a gig promises to give you too much value for a measly $5, it seems too good to be true and it really is too good to be true. Don’t be deceived by hundreds (or even thousands) of good reviews, they are mostly from SEO newbies who think they’ve gotten good value for their five bucks. Once the seller delivers their “link report” and tells them the order is completed, they give a positive review.

Page One guarantee

Since we all want to rank on page one of Google, why is a gig offering page one guarantee bad? SEO takes a lot of effort: from writing SEO optimized content to, optimizing your site and building links. Most SEO sellers just want to get results for their clients no matter what. They don’t go through the rigorous process of writing (some may put in little effort and use spun content ) and optimizing the site for SEO, they just build backlinks…and they build as many as they can from different sources (even gambling and adult sites) to get the site to first page. Sometimes, their strategy works and you have your website ranking on page one, but in a few weeks you can have your site hit by a penalty and have it totally de-indexed from Google.

Best Fiverr Backlink Gigs

1. Infographics submission

One of the best ways to get quick and easy Backlinks to your blogs or website at a cheap price is by distributing infographics. This is an old tactic many SEOs have used to drive thousands of visitors to their site and rank for many juicy keywords.

Infographics creation.

Infographics submission

2. Document Sharing Sites

The next backlink to order on Fiverr is document sharing links.This is one of the cheapest and the best backlink gigs on fiverr.

This gig not only works well for SEO, it is great for traffic too. If you’re looking for cheap & easy ways to increase your website authority and boost your site in search engines you should consider document sharing links.

Most document sharing sites have high Domain and page authority which gives your site an extra boost.  You can get started by creating an original article (at least 500 words ) and covert it to pdf.

Once you’ve done that, you can then order the recommended gigs to share your pdf to document sites.

3. Guest posts

Guest posts have been around for a while in the SEO world and they are very important for anyone who takes their SEO campaigns seriously.

Although guest posts are one of the cheapest ways to get quality backlinks to your site, most people still go about this the wrong way. Guest posts are supposed to help you gain authority and drive niche relevant traffic to your site. Most people go about pitching guest posts to every site that accepts guest post and are totally irrelevant to their niche.

4. Press Release

Press release links are still very much alive. Even though they are less talked about, they are still effective methods to build quality backlinks.

To get started , you can order a press release  on fiverr and have the seller distribute it for you.

5. Expired Tumblr domains

Expired Tumblr domains are web 2.0 domains that have been were abandoned by previous owners and picked up afresh by new owners for SEO. The good thing about expired tumblr domain is that they retain their authority even after they’ve been dropped. So they can be reused for link building.

6. Social bookmarks

7.Video Sharing sites

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