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Best Fiverr Traffic Gigs (Read this before you waste money)

Every business needs traffic to remain in business. This is why traffic generation remains one of the most discussed topics in online marketing. From ecommerce stores, affiliate sites, blogs and even social media, traffic is the ultimate need of every online business. Since SEO takes a longer time to see results, most marketers have resorted to buying traffic for quick result. Among the many sources of buying traffic is fiverr. Although there are many posts on why you shouldn’t buy fiverr traffic gigs, this post will show you the traffic gigs you should avoid and the best fiverr traffic gigs that will drive your business growth.

Buying traffic on fiverr

When it comes to buying traffic on fiverr, you need to thread cautiously. Amidst all the glowing reviews for that $5 traffic gig are thousands of sites bombarded with bot traffic resulting in no conversions, ultimately doing more harm than good. Fiverr is littered with countless sellers offering “unlimited traffic” for a measly $5. These sellers promise you traffic from USA, Canada and all top tier countries, but in the end ,you only see the stats and no conversions. There’s no one clicking on your ads, no buyers for your products, no optins to your email list and even no social shares on your blog posts. This is because majority of sellers on fiverr use ”traffic bots” to deliver these services.Traffic software such as jingling, traffic demon, spark traffic and many other bots are used to perpetrate this evil act. The end result is usually a ban by adsense (if you’re using ads) and high bounce rate , no  matter the type of site you own.

So if these traffic gigs are bad, how come they have thousands of five star reviews?

The truth is: many buyers on fiverr are oblivious to the fact that they are getting bot traffic on their site. Most traffic bot are so smart that they’ll even show up in your analytics. As a buyer , what more proof do you need right ? Once  the buyer checks his/her stats and sees the analytics dashboard, they go ahead to mark the order complete and leave 5 star reviews.

best fiverr traffic gigs

Should you buy Traffic on Fiverr?

The question of if you should buy traffic on fiverr boils done to you the buyer. If you expect to get unlimited traffic for $5, I think you should stay away from fiverr (there are thousands of sellers offering this service and it’ll eventually harm your website). But if you need genuine traffic beyond the $5 unlimited traffic rubbish, then by all means buy from fiverr and watch out for the best traffic gigs on fiverr from this post.

Types of Fiverr Traffic gigs to Avoid

Before diving into the best fiverr traffic gigs to help grow your business, you have to be aware of most traffic generation gigs on Fiverr. There are many popping up each day on the website. They all claim to offer real traffic, but turn out to be bad.

Unlimited $5 Traffic Gig

This is the most common traffic gig on fiverr. From level 1 sellers to top rated sellers, fiverr is littered with them. This type of gig promises you hundreds, thousands and even “unlimited real human traffic “ for $5. Even Facebook can’t be so generous to give you that amount of traffic for $5.
Most of the sellers offering these gigs claim to be Google Adsense safe, which is a total lie. They are all bot generated traffic which will result  in a high bounce rate and ban from adsense and other major ad platforms.High bounce rates typically means visitors to your site couldn’t find whatever it is they are looking for and  in Google’s eyes, that is basically telling them there is nothing interesting on your site. You can find these type of gigs by searching : human traffic, real traffic , real human traffic , unlimited traffic , monthly traffic , weekly traffic , usa traffic , tier 1 traffic ,organic traffic  web visitors, real visitors , targeted traffic

Solo Ads

These are just a rebranded form of unlimited traffic gigs. In this type of gig , the seller offers to send your marketing message to his email list which has thousands of active subscribers. But, in the end you only get traffic and no conversions. This is because the seller uses traffic bot to create a make believe that your visitors are coming from gmail, yahoomail , outlook etc which is in fact a big lie. Even if they have a list of real people, most subscribers wouldn’t even open their mail anymore once they get bombarded with different countless “salesly” email daily. You can find these types of gig by searching for : solo ads, soloads, mlm promotion, mlm traffic ,affiliate web, mlm leads

What are you buying traffic ?

Before you go ahead to start buying all the recommended traffic gigs in this post, ask yourself why you need traffic in the first place. Is it to get sales ? make money from affiliate commissions ? make money from adsense? get more optins to your list? What kind of business/service/product are you offering and how will this traffic source help your business. These are honest questions you should ask yourself. There are businesses (e.g shopify stores that sell viral products) where a simple shout out from an influencer will help their brand and another (eg. Affiliate site) may need long term SEO effort to get consistent traffic.

Best Traffic Gigs on Fiverr

Facebook advertising Gig

Facebook remains the number one social network in the whole world. With 2.89 billion monthly active users it’s no surprise that Facebook is the 7th most visited website in the world. Individuals, small , medium and large enterprises are taking advantage of this and making huge profits in their businesses. There are success stories of individuals  who made millions on online with nothing but their store and facebook ads. For eample, this man made million of dollars using facebook ads to promote his online store.This is why Facebook should be your number go to traffic source. With fiverr, you can hire the best facebook managers to help run your ads and get return on your investment. Facebook traffic is suitable for all types of businesses.


Pinterest is one of the most untapped traffic source which when utilized properly can deliver insane amount of traffic to your website. As of the 2nd quarter of 2021, Pinterest had 454 million monthly active users worldwide, this is why this social media platform has the potential to drive hundreds and even thousands to your website. (This user made $521.36 in 30 days with pinterest) Although pinterest has high potentials , it’s still a bit complex to most users, this is why you should hire experts on fiverr. Pinterest traffic is suitable for businesses mostly targeted at women since they make up 77.1 percent of the active users. Also 89% of users are on Pinterest for purchase inspiration, so this is a great place to promote that product of yours.

Shout out

A shoutout is basically a short promotional message used to promote your business or brand. This can also be used to promote events and services. You can use shoutouts for blog posts or articles that have the potential to go viral. With these verified twitter accounts, you can have them tweet to promote your events, services, business, blog post or articles to a wide audience.

You can also use this on Instagram

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with an influencer to promote your product or services. In this modern age, social media influencers have huge impact on customers’ purchase decisions. Whether it’s endorsing a skin care product, app or recipe, there’s an influencer for every product. Influencer marketing can be in form of shoutout, putting your product link in the influencer’s bio (usually on Instagram) or having the influencer create a post about your product/service and posting it on their page or testimonials. This type of traffic source is effective for impulse products and creating brand awareness.

Twitter ads

With twitter ads, you can reach a wide range of potential customers. Get your messages across to twitter’s 350 million monthly active users by promoting your tweets. Twitter ads have been known to give great ROI on every amount spent.This brand got 198% ROI using twitter ads.

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn marketing helps you generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness.

Press release

Press release have both direct and indirect values. On one hand, they have ­SEO advantages from links picked up through press release distribution on another hand it help with brand visibility and referral traffic. If you’re looking to improve the visibility of your brand and create more authority in your niche, you can add press release to your marketing campaign.

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