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How to Make Money With Fiverr Affiliate

Fiverr affiliate program is a platform created by fiverr for partners to earn commission by promoting any of Fiverr’s services through a shareable link. Fiverr gigs, fiverr Business, Fiverr Learn, Fiverr pro and  AND CO are services you can promote when you sign up as a fiverr affiliate. Before we get into full details about how to make money with fiverr affiliate.

Who can be a Fiverr Affiliate?

Anyone can become a fiverr affiliate. The affiliate program is totally free to join and open to all, irrespective of the size of your audience. All you need to do is sign up, promote any of fiverr’s services and start earning.

With hundreds of categories in the fiverr marketplace, there’s always a service on fiverr that would fit into the need of your audience. There’s a reason fiverr is referred to as the world’s largest freelancing platform and the ebay of services.

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Differences between the Fiverr Affiliate and referral program

The main difference between the Fiverr affiliate and referral program is the commission structure. The Affiliate program has three commission plans and lets you earn commission for every first time buyer you refer unlike the referral program where you get a percentage of the first order.

The other difference between fiverr affiliate and referral program is: in the affiliate program, you earn real money for referring buyers while you earn Fiverr credit to be used for future purchases in the referral program.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Pros and Cons


You get unrivalled support and tutorials.

Access to marketing tools to help launch, manage and track your campaigns.

You have unrestricted access on Fiverr. You can refer as much traffic/buyers as you want, and you’ll earn commission for every buyer that makes a purchase.


The only con I’ve found with the Fiver affiliate program is the Fiverr Pro commission.  The maximum commission you can earn from referring Fiverr pro services is $150; this means even if the buyer you referred purchases a gig worth $15,000, you will only get a commission of $150 monthly revenue share.

How to Make Money With Fiverr Affiliate

Become a Fiverr Affiliate

To become a Fiverr Affiliate you need to, visit the sign up page and register with your information. Provide as much details as you can so that fiverr can provide the best tools you need to get started.

Once you complete the sign up form, you can login and start promoting fiverr’s services. Note that you’re not restricted to promoting fiverr gigs alone. You can also promote: fiverr business, fiverr pro, learn from fiver and AND CO.

Promote Fiverr affiliate links

Unlike many affiliate networks, fiverr allows you to promote their services on different platforms. With your affiliate link, you can promote on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, pinterest, reddit), you can also promote the services to your email list, podcast and blogs.

In your fiverr affiliate dashboard, you get access to different marketing tools and your own custom shareable links that you can share online ,refer to any Fiverr service and earn your commissions.

how to make money with fiiverr affiliate

How to promote Fiverr affiliate program

There are several ways you can promote fiverr affiliate program online without being spammy.

How to promote Fiverr Affiliate on LinkedIn

LinkedIn lets you connect with professionals in your niche and people of like minds. This is why this method is very effective. This might take a while to fully implement but once you start getting a little traction you’ll see the power of this method.

  1. If you don’t have an account already, you can sign up here.
  2. Make sure you have a specific niche in mind. It could be writing, non-profits, real estate etc
  3. Make sure your profile is well set up and it reflects your interest (niche)
  4. Add people to your network (same as making friends on facebook)
  5. Join groups related to your niche/Interest
  6. Like posts created by people in your network, like posts created in groups (just ensure you’re interacting with your network)
  7. Create a “resource post” that can help people in your niche. E.g 10 best fiverr gigs every real estate agent should know about , 5 best Fiverr gigs that’ll help boost your online reputation, Best Fiverr gigs for podcasters
  8. Make sure your posts are well written (Linkedin is filled with professionals and they can get turned off with even a slight grammatical error)
  9. Recommend the gigs with your affiliate links and profit !!!

How to promote Fiverr Affiliate on Facebook

Facebook is another effective way to promote fiverr affiliate program but most people do it the wrong way. Once a new affiliate sign up, and get their affiliate links they go about spamming different Facebook groups with their links. This usually results in a ban from the group or a total ban from Facebook (Facebook frowns on affiliate links).Here’s how to go about it the right way

  1. Find a group of at least 2,000 members in specific niches e.g writing, podcasting, blogging , small business owners etc and join the groups.
  2. Do not paste your affiliate links on the groups ( his is very important)
  3. Create a welcome post in the group e.g Hello guys, my name is cyrus, It feels great to connect with other Writers/Podcasters/Small business owners in this group. I’m still fairly new to this writing/podcasting/business journey. I hope to get tips and insights from experts in this group. Don’t just paste this word-for-word, use your own words and make it original.
  4. Contribute meaningfully to posts, questions and discussions in the group daily for at least a week.
  5. This is where it gets interesting, in every group there are always people looking for recommendations. Either someone to edit their kindle book, someone to help format their book, or an ecover design, someone to remove background voice from a recording etc.
  6. Once you see anyone asking for recommendation or questions, find a service with excellent ratings on fiverr  and grab your affiliate link. Visit to shorten the links.
  7. Note we don’t ever want to look salesy or spammy when promoting our links (we’re offering to help…always remember that ). So if you see a post like this for example: Hello guys, does anyone have a recommended guy that helps format your books.Your Answer: Hi Name, I’ve used this guy in the past and he didn’t disappoint

Always try to make your answers as short and personal as possible. Other members of the group can see your answer an also buy the service.

How to promote fiverr affiliate on your blog

To promote fiverr affiliate program on your blog, all you have to do is create a guide or different guides and recommend services on Fiverr

For example, if you a blog about small businesses, you can create a post about

5 Marketing services you can outsource for cheap on fiverr

You can also create a resource section in your blog and put links of fiverr services you’ve bought in the past.

Fiverr Comission plans

Fiverr offers three different types of commission plans:

Dynamic CPA Plan 

This plan lets you earn a commission depending on what category your buyer purchases from. You can earn $15 – $150 for every First-Time-Buyer (FTB). FTBs are new users who just made their first order on Fiverr.

Registered and/or previous buyers, who make a purchase through your link, are not considered First-time-buyers.

Revenue Share Commission

(RevShare) is a percentage of the order value i.e a percentage of whatever service the buyer purchases through your link. This percentage ranges between .
Hybrid Plan combines both CPA and RevShare commission plans. You’ll receive a one-time $10 CPA for a first-time purchase and 10% Revshare for one year.

Fiverr CPA Commission Plan

Depending on what category  your referred buyer purchases from, you can earn $15- $150 for every first time buyer.

$150 Fiverr Pro: All Fiverr Pro services

$50 Whiteboard & Animated Explainers Book & eBook Writing  Architecture & Interior Design Game Development

$40 Website Builders & CMS Mobile Apps & Web WordPress Web & Mobile Design E-Commerce Development

$30 Logo Maker  Web Programming SEM  (social media marketing) Website Content Proofreading & Editing 3D Models & Product Design Packaging Design Business Plans  Data Analysis & Reports Short Video Ads

$25 Articles & Blog Posts Virtual Assistant Illustration E-Commerce Marketing Voice Over Translation Product Descriptions

$15 All Other Categories

Fiverr affiliate payment method

Fiverr pays affiliates via paypal, payooner or bank transfer.



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