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Fiverr search tags – How to use them effectively

Fiverr search tags are simply keywords that help your buyers find you.Search tags are very important because they are one of the factors that determines the visibility and overall exposure of your gigs. This is  why it is important to use the right tags when creating your fiverr gigs. In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about fiverr search tags: how to use them effectively and the best tags to use to get maximum exposure to your gigs.

How fiverr search tags Work

Just like I said earlier, search tags are search terms used by buyers to find desired services. Although a lot goes into ranking fiverr gigs, tags acts like the icing on the cake that helps your gig gets found. After optimizing your gig titles and description, the tag separates you from other sellers offering the same service. For example, if you offer logo services on fiverr with expertise in the mascot logos. You could write the Gig title, “I will Design a Stunning Mascot logo.” In this way, you can lose other buyers interested in badge logos, hand writing logos etc.

Alternatively, you could write the title as, “I will Design different types of logos,” but this isn’t catchy enough and a bit long too. So, how to you do this? Simple! Fiverr search tags. You can simply write “I will Design Stunning LOGO” and in your search tags include – mascot logo , 3D logo  etc

How to Use Fiverr Tags Effectively

The main objective of any seller on fiverr is to get consistent orders. This is why you need to take advantage of every opportunity to get seen in the marketplace. With more sellers joining fiverr daily, competition is at an all time high.

Fiverr allows a maximum of five tags which you can use to your advantage. To be ahead of your competitors, you need to optimize your tags and make sure that these tags are searched frequently.

Please note: Using tags doesn’t automatically translate to your gigs ranking on the first page of the search results. Fiverr uses many complex rules to determine which gigs should appear on the first page.

How to find revelant search tags on fiverr

You can use the following methods to find the best fiverr search tags for your gigs.

Fiverr suggested tags

A simple search using the fiverr search bar will show some related keyword you can use for your gigs.

fIverr search tag

Analyse Your Competition

When creating your gig, take a closer look at other buyers selling similar gigs. You can search for your gig using the search bar and then analyse the tags of the top five gigs. Most freelancers will suggest you just copy the tags. But, I’ll suggest you look at the 5 gigs and pick the 3 most common tags to all 5 gigs and adapt it to your gig without copying. You can then add 2 unique tags to the gigs.

Best Fiverr search Tags

Search tags For Data Entry gig

  • Data entry work
  • Data entry typing work
  • Data entry virtual assistant
  • Data entry and web research
  • Data entry excel
  • Data entry wordpress
  • Copy and paste
  • Copy paste
  • Excel data cleaning

Tags for translation gig

  • Writing and translation
  • Translation Japanese
  • Swedish translation
  • English to tamil translation
  • Translation Arabic
  • Urdu to English translation
  • English to Russian translation
  • English translator
  • Arabic translator
  • Swedish translator
  • Spanish translator
  • Urdu translator
  • Chinese translator
  • Manual translator
  • Native speaker
  • French translator
  • German translator
  • Dutch translator
  • Spanish to English
  • English to Spanish

Search tags for logo services on fiverr

  • Logo design
  • Gaming logo
  • Twitch logo
  • 3d logo
  • Mascot logo
  • Business logo
  • Logo animation
  • Minimalist logo
  • Hand drawn logo
  • Vintage logo
  • Badge logo
  • Signature logo
  • Water color logo
  • Logo redesign
  • Professional logo
  • Flat logo
  • Luxury logo
  • Retro logo
  • Text logo
  • Custom logo
  • Logo maker
  • Cartoon logo

Search tags for web development on fiverr

  • Web design
  • Web design and development
  • Website design wordpress
  • Website design squarespace
  • Website design shopify
  • WordPress website design
  • WordPress developer
  • Landing page
  • Landing page design
  • Clickfunnels landing page
  • WordPress landing page
  • Landing page html
  • Landing page shopify
  • Landing page wordpress
  • Html css javascript website
  • Psd to html
  • Wix website design
  • Wix to wordpress
  • Wix code
  • Wix code
  • Shopify custom coding
  • Java coding
  • Ecommerce website
  • e-commerce development
  • web programming

Voice over services

  • Voice over female
  • Voice over german
  • Voice over Spanish
  • French Voice over
  • Spanish Voice over
  • Voice over youtube
  • Voice over british
  • Voice over Arabic
  • Male voice actor
  • American voice over
  • American female voice over
  • Australian voice over
  • Female Australian voice over
  • Indian voice over
  • Deep voice over
  • Finnish voice over
  • Polish voice over
  • Morgan freeman voice
  • Professional Voice over


  • Pop songwriter
  • Hip hop songwriter
  • Rap songwriter
  • R&b songwriter
  • Edm songwriter
  • Female rapper
  • American rapper
  • Write and record
  • Write a song
  • Ghost writing
  • Ghost writer
  • Female vocalist
  • Singer songwriter
  • songwriting


  • fix audio
  • mix master
  • podcast editing
  • bumpers
  • podcast
  • podcast production
  • podcast mixing
  • podcast editing
  • audio editing
  • podcast mastering
  • podcast audio
  • audio editing
  • remove noise
  • remove ummm
  • mix and master
  • master podcast
  • audio cleaning
  • mixing and mastering
  • podcast promotion

Video Animation

  • 2d cartoon animation
  • 2d 3d cartoon video animation
  • 3d viideo animation
  • character animation
  • animation video
  • video lyrics animation
  • whiteboard animation explainer
  • animated music video
  • animated logo intro video
  • animation cartoon
  • whiteboard animation
  • explainer video

Social Media

  • social media manager
  • social media marketing
  • social media
  • smm
  • social content
  • instagram post
  • instagram strategy
  • engagement
  • social media design
  • social media content
  • content creator
  • social media setup
  • setup Youtube
  • Facebook manager
  • Youtube manager

Video Editing

  • video editing for youtube
  • minecraft video editing
  • drone video editing
  • video editing instagram
  • basic video editng
  • gaming video editing
  • video editing gaming
  • post production
  • editing
  • stock footage
  • corporate video
  • cinematic
  • presentation
  • music video editing
  • travel video editing
  • wedding video editing
  • video editor

Article Writing

  • seo article
  • health guest post
  • health article
  • crypto articles
  • blog content
  • article writing
  • blog posts
  • article writing
  • article writer
  • creative writer
  • article and blog writer
  • guest blog post
  • seo blog post
  • 1500 words article
  • 1500 words seo article
  • native english writer
  • content writer
  • content writing
  • blog writer
  • writing
  • seo writer
  • copy writing
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