How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

Can you really make money on fiverr without skills? The answer is yes. And I don’t mean any of those silly gigs that hardly get orders. I’m talking about gigs that get you steady orders, consistent sales and repeat buyers.

You can make money on fiverr without any skills by using free tools, free resources, and outsourcing to a cheaper platform, templates and inexpensive software available in this guide.

You can make money on fiverr without skills by offering these services:

  • Taglines and slogan
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Expired domain research
  • Keyword research
  • SEO
  • 3D Animation

How to make money on fiverr without skills

Taglines and Slogans

Taglines and slogans?  Short answer – Yes. Many buyers come to fiverr looking for cool and catchy taglines and slogans  for their company, products and services. Now, don’t you worry – you don’t need to be super creative to be able to come up with slogans for businesses – we’ll be using free tools which will do it for you!

All you’ll have to do is copy-paste all of the taglines created and send it over to your buyer – That’s it!

All you need to do after you get an order is go to one of these sites:

How to set up this gig

When creating this gig, make sure to add the keywords to the title, throughout the description and also in the tags.

Also add the word ‘Fiverr’ a couple of times in the description of the Gig (by writing something like ‘If you are here on Fiverr because you’re looking for an amazing Tagline or Slogan for your business, then you are in the right place!’ etc). Again, by doing this, your gig will be ranked higher in the searches.

When it comes to delivery time, I suggest this: Always deliver in 24h – it takes 2-3 minutes to create 10 taglines and by delivering fast you’ll get a competitive advantage over anyone else selling a similar Gig.

If your account is new, You should deliver more to your buyers . Take a look at how  many tag lines and slogans the gigs on the first page are offering and offer more. For example, if the most gigs are offering 5 taglines and slogans for $5 , you can offer 10 taglines and slogans.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is huge on fiverr, it even has its own category. Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsement and product mentions from influencer – individual who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as expert.

There are two ways to go about this.

If you have a huge social media following, you can offer to post “reviews” testimonials and tutorials about the buyer’s product or service.

Gig ideas:

  • I will make a short video of your product and post to my 15,000 instagram followers
  • I will recommend your product to my 25,000 active facebook followers etcs

If you don’t have a huge social media following, you can offer to find influencers on Instagram for a fee.

Gig ideas: 

  • I will find Instagram influencers for your product

Gig extra 

  • I’ll help contact these influencers with your instructions

3D Video animation

 3D Video animations have become an increasingly popular trend over the years and it seems more and more small & medium sized businesses are using these on their ads and to engage visitors on their websites. If you haven’t seen them before now, 3D animations are videos where an animated character will present with a narration usually to describe a service or product in an entertaining manner.

Now, you might look at this and think “I don’t have the skills for that, this must be very complicated” but it’s really not. All you need is a software that allows you to make this 3D animation in a short period of time. The most popular software available for this is Avatarbuilder. It is cloud based software that allows you to make 3D animations as well as save them on their site.

 Even if you have no experience using graphic design software or video animating software, Avatarbuilder is very user friendly and easy to use. There are also tons of tutorial on youtube to get you started in a few hours.

Keyword research

Another hot selling gig you can sell on Fiverr without any skill is keyword research. Keyword research entails looking at a keyword or a group of keywords such as “how to make money online” and getting a list of relevant keywords as well as how competitive they are, how many searches they receive a month, how easy they are to rank for and more. A lot of sellers provide this service and almost all of them use the same free tools to easily research any keyword and export the results to a nice Excel file.

You don’t even need to be an SEO expert or really even know what you’re doing. All you need is the keyword or niche your buyer wants you to research, enter it into this free tool, and it will give you all the data you need to send to your buyer.

 If you haven’t noticed by now, you will see a lot of the services I offer in this guide cater to small businesses. This isn’t a coincidence; this is where the demand comes from: small business and website owners looking to outsource work for cheap.

For this gig, I make use of Google keyword planner. All you need to do is log into your Google account, into the program’s settings. Once this is done, you’ll be taken to the next page ,Click on Discover new keywords, you’ll then see a page like you have below.

You have the options to input your desired keyword, change location and add website(if you’re given). After you’ve done this, click on get results.

Google will then do its thing and output a list of similar keywords and show the estimated number of searches per month, the “Cost per Click” for websites that use this keyword will earn from AdSense, the number of results and the difficulty to rank for this keyword.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another service that doesn’t require any skill is search engine optimization. As crazy as it sounds, you do not need to be an SEO guru to provide these high demand services on Fiverr. Many buyers come to Fiverr looking for cheap backlinks or an inexpensive option to help rank their websites or their client’s websites.

There are lots of SEO services you can offer on fiverr. Some of these include Backlinks, PBN, web 2.0s, backlink indexing, blog comments, guest posting, youtube SEO and lots more.

So how exactly would you deliver these services? Simple – buying cheap and reselling.

To do this, you will need a supplier. To find a supplier, I recommend This site is just like fiverr, but mainly for SEO (and you can find services for as low as $1). The plan is to look for great $1 SEO services and resell them on Fiverr for $5 or more.

There are many other ways to find a supplier or a service to resell, but I find SEOClerks to be the simplest and easiest. I personally don’t care nor think it matters where you find a supplier. I only care that it is quality, reliable, and cheap.

Create an account on SEOClerks by clicking “Join” on the upper-right hand corner of the page. I would not recommend registering the same username as your Fiverr username in case a savvy Fiverr user Googles your Fiverr username since your SEO Clerks account may appear in the searches.

To figure out which services on SEO Clerks to resell, you can check out Fiverr, see which SEO services are getting huge orders and head to seoclerks to see if you can get it for cheap. I’ll be using social signals as an example. After using the search bar, at the top of the page you will see “Sort by:” We want to sort all these services by Price.

how to make money on fiverr without any skill

Now, you will see all the services that are listed for $1. How do we choose from this massive list of services? Choose one that has a lot of thumbs up.

Take a look at the reviews and comments, the expected delivery time and the average delivery time. If these things all look good and the seller is active (he or she has a review within the last few days) go ahead and test the supplier. You should always test the supplier before using them to resell a gig on Fiverr. This will give you an idea of the quality of their service, the speed, and the quality of their communication.

Once you select a supplier or a few services to resell, it’s important to not be tempted to use the exact gig titles, descriptions and images that they use for their gigs. Fiverr’s character and keyword limits are different and you also are going to want to describe the gig in the best way so that it will get the most conversions.

Be sure to bookmark this seller’s gig page as you will come back to it often to buy gigs to resell. You want to save as much time as possible.

Gig Title: Do not copy your supplier’s title word for word.

Instructions to buyers: Whatever your supplier asks from you, you should ask the same thing from Fiverr users.This is also a great opportunity to cross-promote a keyword research gig.

Duration: If your supplier has an average delivery date of 3 days, you should use 4. This provides a nice buffer. This will give you 5 days to complete the order since Fiverr gives you an additional 24 hours when your gig is late.

Express gig extra: Depending on the duration of your supplier, you can offer an express gig extra which changes the duration time of your gig to a shorter duration time that you choose. I recommend charging $5 for this.

Social media marketing

A lot of people come to Fiverr looking to boost their Twitter followers or get more Facebook likes and shares on their website. You could easily take advantage of this demand by finding a supplier and outsource these jobs.

Using SEO Clerks again from the “Social Network” section, you can find many people offering Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, and Pinterest services for as low as $1.

On the right sidebar of SEO Clerks, click Marketplace and select the category “Social Networks”. Like in the previous section, we want to sort by price and find a member who offers a service with a lot of thumbs up ratings and views. This one is a good example:

As before, you will want to test out the supplier, but with your own social media accounts or with social media accounts you control. This way you can see the quality of the followers or likes, or check the analytics of your video if it’s a YouTube service.

Back in late-2014, these gigs sold like hot cakes. Now, Fiverr has begun cracking down on them so unfortunately, while these gigs will likely do very well for you, eventually, Fiverr may suspend these gigs it seems.

Expired domains

Most internet marketer always want to get a head start by building a website on a domain that already has tons of SEO value, backlinks and traffic.

This is why some buyers come to fiverr to buy expired domain names with the hopes of building their authority site or a private blog network.

Gig Ideas: -I will find 5 expired DOMAINS with good metric

  • I will find 5 expired domain names with high DA PA
  • I will find 5 expired domain names with high TF CF
  • I will find 5 Spam free domains with high metrics

Gig Extras

  • I will find 10 more domains…
  • I will find niche relevant domain names
  • I will find 5 more domains with higher metrics

Note: I used 5 as an example. You can find the number of expired domain names other sellers are offering and offer more. DA, PA, TF, CF are SEO metric, you can read up on them.

How to deliver

To deliver this services, I’ll be using these websites: Expireddomains and websiteseochecker.

Register on the Expireddomains with your details (don’t forget your user name and password)

This is what the dashboard looks like after registration. You can see deleted domains, marketplace domains and research lists. We are only dealing with deleted domains (mostly deleted .com domains)

how to make money on fiverr without skills

For example, let’s say you have an order to find expired real estate domain names(remember you should find .com domains except you’re told to find .net .org or any other domain extension.)

Click on the filter

how to make money on fiverr without skills

In the common tab insert common real estate terms and separate each word with a space.You can enter as many words as you can, but I’ll advise you stick to 10.

Depending on the instruction you were given, you can check the majestic bar and insert some figures in the citation flow and trust flow bar.

Once you click on apply, you’ll see results like the image below.

From the Image above, you can see the list of available and registered domain names.

Next, we’ll head to websiteseochecker, to check the SEO metrics and spam score. I used the following domains as examples.


From the results, you can see the Domain authority, page authority, total backlinks, moz quality backlinks, percentage of quality backlinks and spam score. For this example, the domain names are spam domains (your domains should always have a spam score 1%)

Transcribe Audio/Video

Transcribe 30 seconds of audio for $5. This is a really great gig that can make you a nice hourly rate, especially if you’re a good typer.

Translation services

If you are a bi-lingual this is a great in-demand gig. You could even use a free translator and correct the translation so that it is correct. I would recommend 50 words for $5.

Can you really make money on fiverr without any skill? – Conclusion.

I’m sure this guide has shown you how you can make money on fiverr without any skill. All you need is just the right tools and the right mindset to make this work for you.

Although this guide teaches you how to make money without any skill, the recommended way that guarantees consistent sales and orders on fiverr is to sell your skills (I’m not saying you won’t make money with these free tools).

If you look through each of these services, and search them on fiverr, you’ll see that some services get consistent orders from top sellers and even new sellers on fiverr. Some services also have a higher sale price than others. This is why I usually recommend anyone who wants to make money on fiverr without any skills to start with 3D animation services or Video animation services. All you need is an inexpensive software like avatarbuilder . It only takes you a few hours to learn this software and you can make lots of money with it since it is a hot service right now on fiverr.

This software quickly pays itself off after you see how in demand this gig is.You can learn more about this software here.


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