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10 Easy & High Demand Gigs on Fiverr 2021

Fiverr is a great platform to make money online. Although most newbies struggle to make their first $5 on fiverr, this freelancing platform still remains one of the best ways to get started with making money online. Knowing what services to sell and how to sell it, remains one of the major challenges associated with making money on fiverr . In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about the high demand gigs on fiverr and see if any of the services is right for you.

Before I dive in, I’ll like to talk about the buyers on fiverr. Fiverr buyers can be divided into 5 types: Simple buyer, internet marketer, company, just for fun and newbie buyers. It’s important to know these buyers and how to attract them.

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Types of Fiverr Buyers

high demand fiverr gigs
Simple buyer

Why do we call the buyers a simple buyer? Because this type of buyer will always mark your order “complete” and most times give you a tip when they are satisfied with the delivery. Gigs they often buy are: SEO gigs, Market research, email marketing and social media.

Internet marketer

Fiverr is filled with many of this type of buyers. The smart internet marketer makes money on Fiverr by reselling fiverr gigs. They usually want super-fast and cheap service. The smart internet marketers usually have their own “creative agency” where they offer services and when they get orders, they outsource on Fiverr.  You can be the “go to guy” for this type of buyer if they like your service. Gigs they often buy are: SEO, Graphics design (Logo), web design, video animation, podcast editing.

The only downside about these types of buyer is that they have high expectations and they want cheap service.


There are several companies from around the world that use fiverr to meet their business needs. For me, these are the best type of buyers to work with. They want the best service and they are ready to pay handsomely. If you provide excellent service, you’re guaranteed multiple orders from this buyer in a month.

Favourite gigs for this type of buyer: Excel tasks, data entry, presentation, article writing, social media management, virtual assistant.

Just for fun buyer

As the name implies, this is the type of buyer who buys just for fun. They often buy silly gigs on fiverr. This type of buyer does not need really have high expectations.


These categories of buyers are one of the most difficult to work with on fiverr. They come to fiverr with the expectation of getting the whole world for $5 and when they are not pleased with the delivery, they request multiple revisions till the seller cancels their order or they leave a negative feedback.

What gigs can be sold on fiverr?

What kind of service can you sell on fiver? The answer is – every kind of service you think of. Fiverr accommodates all kind of services. Design services, Business, Legal, Programming even virtual girlfriend services.

There are certain types of fiverr  gigs that are in high demand and constant need and this is why some gigs have higher sale value than other.  If you can see that a particular gig is being sold by many people and they sell hundreds or even thousands, then that is most definitely a good path to follow.

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High demand gigs on Fiverr

Article writing

This service is very much in-demand on fiverr. Article writing is one of the services that guarantees repeated sales (as long as the buyer is pleased with his/her first order). This service is also linked to other services like press release writing, sales copy, email sequence, article rewriting, proof reading and lots more. So you don’t just get orders on article writing alone, you can have buyers contact you for custom related gigs.

 You can choose to either write the content from scratch or spin them with an article spinner or rewriter like wordAi.

Logo Design

Logo design is one of the top selling gigs on Fiverr, if not the best-selling right now. There are many sellers making a killing selling Logo design services. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or even own any graphic design software to create logos either, you can make use of some free online tools to offer this service.

Video Animation

With the right inexpensive tool like this software, you don’t need to be a graphic design or tech guru to offer this high demand gig on fiverr. Many sellers are making big bucks selling this hot service on fiverr.

Resume & Cover Letter

This service is huge on fiverr. Sellers like Boomsa have used this gig to generate thousands of dollar in sales and also set up their own agency. You do not need to be a Job expert or recruiter to offer this service. All you need are templates which you can download online. All you need to ask your buyer what type of job they are applying for, educational background, experience and insert into the templates.

Podcast editing

Another service that gets you repeated sales. If you have a good knowledge of sound editing tools, you can make a killing on fiverr offering this service. This gig is in high demand with low competition.

Powerpoint/Pitch Deck

If you’re good with Powerpoint, you can offer this service as this is a high demand gig on fiverr. Companies pay big bucks to have their presentation and pitch deck designed by sellers on fiverr.


You can offer to help install WordPress with one-click installers on most hosts(your buyer doesn’t know this), offer wordpress site transfers or build a complete wordpress website.

Social media services

There are several ways you can offer social media services. You can have a gig where you help individuals and small businesses create pages on all social media platforms (Yes, people pay for this), or you can create a gig where you offer to manage a company’s social media for an agreed number of days. Other social media service you can sell include: Share Links/Promos To Twitter/Facebook Followers/All Social Media, create and sell social media accounts, Instagram likes & follower and lots more.

Voice overs

You don’t need to be a professional voice over artist to do this. If you think you have the voice for this, you can make thousands of dollars selling voice over services on fivver. All you need is to stick to the script you’re given by the buyer. (Many buyer are going to request samples of your work, so have them ready)

Virtual assistant

Many businesses come on fiverr to hire virtual assistants to help lessen their workload. There’s so much money to be made selling this service on Fiverr. You can help do research, excel tasks, teach lessons/ language, test or do QA for apps/ software,  remote computer repair, remote malware removal, Post ads to craiglist/Kijiji, cold calling, submit ebook to promo websites, post products on ecommerce store, virtual chat assistant and lots more.

How much can you earn selling on fiverr?

There are many sellers making thousands of dollars on fiverr every month. Many have quit their day Jobs to freelance on fiverr fulltime. Some have bought their own house, bought a car and lots more.

Without any official data, I estimate that 10-20% of sellers make between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on Fiverr  per month. On the higher end, 1% to 2% of all the sellers on fiverr earn several thousands of dollars monthly. Some achieve it using one single gig, others through several successful gigs. That is why how much you can potentially earn on Fiverr is directly related to how many successful gigs you have. Other factors include: how attractive your gig is to buyers, the amount of exposure your gig gets and how well you deliver what you promised in your gig description.

In summary, how much you earn on fiverr depends on how much effort you put into making your gigs successful and if you do it right, this will be the main contributing factor to your earning potentials.

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