how to hire virtual assistant on fiverr

How to Hire virtual assistant on Fiverr-in 2 Easy steps

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already managing a number of virtual assistants, there’s a lot to learn from this guide. It could save you time, money and also ensure that you have the best virtual assistants working for you. In this guide, you’ll learn how to hire virtual assistants on fiverr without the usual problems associated with hiring and managing virtual assistants.

The increasing trend of hiring virtual assistants or “remote workers” (as some will like to call them) isn’t dying off anytime soon. Many business owners have come to realize that they can save cost while hiring skilled and inexpensive virtual assistants.

Common challenges while hiring Virtual assistants.

There are three main problems when it comes to hiring VAs on fiverr or any other freelancing platform.

Most people simply do not know how to communicate effectively with virtual assistants, how to manage them and lastly, most people do not know how to train them and get the best out of them.

Most Internet marketers are yet to fully understand the possibilities of outsourcing. The peculiar problems of traditional outsourcing has made many people not to realize what is possible with outsourcing in this digital age. Numerous problems such as communication problems, poor work ethic and unmet deadlines are the most common problems with traditional outsourcing and outsourcing in the digital age.

Common misconception about hiring virtual assistants on fiverr

One of the most common misconception about hiring virtual assistants on fiverr is the “set and forget mindset”. Most people think, once you hire one or two virtual assistants, this miracle person(s) will be able to completely run your business for you.

The truth is- no matter how experienced your Virtual assistant is, you’ll still need to teach him/her everything he/she needs to know about your business. After you’ve done this, the VA will be able to run your business for you but you’ll still need to do some periodic checks.

Whether you’re hiring part time or full time, it’s important to have the right mindset about outsourcing and not have unreal expectations.

Qualities to look out for when hiring a virtual assistant on Fiverr

Decent internet

As funny as it sounds, you need a VA with decent internet connection. It’s an internet based work and internet quality varies by location

Advanced English Proficiency

Like I said earlier, communication is the most common problem associated with managing Virtual assistants and outsourcing in general. Sometimes it is more important to hire a new VA that understands you and communicates perfectly than a VA with hundreds of 5 star reviews who doesn’t understand what you want.

Some outsourcers like to employ new sellers on fiverr rather than hiring sellers with hundreds of reviews. They usually hire someone with great communication skills and then teach and train them to fit into their system. On the other hands, some would rather hire experienced VAs who can get the ball rolling immediately, the choice is yours.

Full-time or part-time?

Most experienced outsourcers recommend hiring VAs who are looking for full-time employment. On fiverr, you have Virtual assistants who specify the number of hours, days and even weeks they are willing to work for you. If you want someone to work for a few hours, don’t go hiring someone who wants to work for weeks or even a month.

How to hire Virtual assistant on fiverr

There are two ways to hire virtual assistant on fiverr

  • Search for new or experienced virtual assistants on the platform.
  • Let the virtual assistants find you by posting on the buyer request section.

Get started by creating an account here

How to find potential Virtual assistant in the buyer request  section

If you’re posting in the buyer request section, make sure you have a list of questions for potential virtual assistant .This will help you understand their abilities and hasten the process of elimination.  Depending on the task you want your virtual assistant to do for you, you can create questions about the niche and have them answer. For example, if you’re looking to hire a wordpress designer for a project, After asking the VAs to introduce themselves, you can ask –   “how will you describe wordpress from an SEO point of view”  this is just an example , you can fine tune this question to fit into whatever type of task you want the VA to do for you.

Usually when I post in the buyer request section, I have a template I follow. This is because most sellers on fiverrr (and most freelancing platforms) use generic template to answer request, with their template they can answer as many request as possible.

To weed out these sellers you can use this template.

“I’m looking for a VA to work for me for ….(number of hours/days/week), the task you’ll do includes … (explain the task). I want your reply to this request in this format”


Your name and where you’re from

Why I should hire you and your experience as a VA

Most replies you’ll get won’t even start with “VA” , instead you’ll get tens of generic replies. Only reply to those who follow the reply format strictly.

Note: when looking at the qualifications of your potential virtual assistant, expect them to exaggerate.  “I’m a professional” simply translates into “I have some experience to undertake this task”. You can always start off with simple tasks before they take on bigger jobs.

Managing virtual assistants on Fiverr

Like I said earlier, outsourcing is labelled with many unrealistic expectations. You’re hiring a human being, and as human beings we all make mistakes. With clear communication and encouragement, hiring a Virtual assistant can be a profitable investment.

  • Don’t hire one VA to do everything, keep your specialized VA in their specialized field.
  • Ask for daily report of completed task. You can ask you VA to send you a message on fiverr  on daily completed tasks.( download the app for instant notification or make sure your email notification is turned on)
  • Have a good idea of what you’re asking your virtual assistant to do. You don’t have to be a pro in every field or every task you delegate to your VA, but ensure that you have a basic  understanding of what you’re asking your VA to do.
  • Give your VA(s) detailed instructions and spell out their tasks out for them. Especially when your VA is new.
  • Be open to learning from your VA

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