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How to rank Fiverr Gigs in 7 Easy Steps

Ranking a Fiverr gig seems to be the most difficult phase for most Fiverr sellers. Almost every seller wants  the number one spot for the juiciest search term. But, many fail to put effort into ranking their gigs. How to rank fiverr gigs is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is follow fiverr’s  laid down rules and add some few tweaks that will be described in this post.

Before I go into full details, I’d like to tell you that Fiverr, like Google has a complex search engine algorithm. No one can really tell how fiverr ranks the gigs on page one, there’s no secret fiverr gig ranking formula, but we all know fiverr ranks gigs based on their importance to the buyers and if you follow these steps , you will boost your rankings within 7 days.

It really isn’t that difficult to rank your gigs for a search term on fiverr. Unlike search engines, where you have to throw high DA backlinks at it, create web 2.0s and do any sort of grueling work. The best way to rank on Fiverr for majority of the Fiverr gig niches is to do the following:

How to rank fiverr gigs

1. Use attention grabbing title with keywords – in the right category

how to rank fiverr gigs

Those who are familiar with SEO will nod their head in agreement with this. While this isn’t much of a ”secret ranking formula”  it is really important that your gig title grabs the attention of your buyer. You are allowed ONE capitalized word in your title, use it on the main KEYWORD you want to rank for

An example is:  instead of ‘I will write a 500 word article for $5’ use I will write a 500 word ARTICLE for $5’.

This will help users see your title clearly on the main page and also to rank higher in the Fiverr search engine as it detects your main keyword. You will need to post your article writing gig in the right category which is writing (Fiverr auto suggests your category based on your gig titles, so you can use that).

 Some people might think of gaming the system by placing their writing gig into another category such as ‘graphics’ so that they can easily rank for their main keyword with no competition. If somehow they manage to game the system by posting it on the wrong category, they risk the possibility of being flagged by other users or even getting their gig deleted by fiverr. Too many of these might result in a total ban.

 Next is to make your title as attention grabbing and interesting as possible. Instead of “I will write a 500 word article for $5.” Try using “I will write a well researched 500 word ARTICLE for $5.” Stand out from the crowd offering the same gig.

2. Use relevant tags (copy the top rated sellers tags)

how to rank fiverr gigs

Using the article writing example above, buyers who search for ‘500 word articles’ in the Fiverr search bar will find sellers who included the keyword ‘500 word articles among the first few results. If you rank on the first page for that keyword, there is a good chance your gig will be bought. Some sellers might try to game the Fiverr system by inserting non-relevant tags such as ‘photo editing’ tag into a writing gig with the hope of getting more hits. Don’t try this, you may get your account banned.

The most important thing is to make sure that most of your search tags are relevant and can lead interested buyers to your gigs. A shortcut to finding tags that work well is to get the exact tags from top rated sellers, pick the best and put them as your keyword tags.

3. Details in the description.

Make your descriptions count. Include keywords, main points, how you intend to deliver your gig , FAQs  and offer bonuses. You can see how some top rated sellers describe their gigs and try to describe yours in the same way (do not copy the description verbatim).Most top rated seller’s description are usually quite long and straight to the point explaining the awesomeness in their gig, specifically what they will do for you and many of them will include a bonus if you order more than one. Do the same for your gig and you are in good standing.

Sellers who describe their gigs in less than 5 lines give potential buyers a feeling that they are not as dedicated as other sellers who do so. If a seller is not committed to describe their gig professionally, how can they expect them to provide a good service?

One easy way to check if others will find your gig appealing enough to order is simply to read it and ask yourself the most basic of question, ‘If I were a buyer, would I buy my own gig?’ Make sure the answer is ‘Yes’ and you are ready to go. Another point is to include the keywords into your description. Although no one is absolutely sure how much it would your gigs get discovered, but if you look at the gigs which appear near the top of the searches, a common factor is that the keywords are always in the first sentence in the description. This is a big clue about an unannounced fact that SEO is vital even in the Fiverr platform.

4. Always use your OWN images

 Ensure to always use your own images and make them visually appealing. Not many people know this, but do you know if you use copyrighted images as your gig image, there is a chance that someone can report you and your gig gets deleted for copyright infringement.

Those who put celebrity photos (not themselves) into their gigs are especially prone to this risk. If your gig/profile gets reported and Fiverr asks you for a reasonable explanation which you can’t provide, it could be disastrous.

A rule of thumb when using images for your gig is to make them as relevant to the message as possible. If it’s a writing gig, perhaps a simple image of books and your gig title will do. If it’s a drawing gig, put some beautiful images in. You can also get creative and use tools like canva to create attention grabbing images. Get creative and grab your potential buyer’s attention!

5.Include Videos in every gig

Fiverr loves video. They also love being mentioned in words and in videos. Take a look at featured sellers, how many of them mentioned Fiverr in their gig? MANY!

Use this to your advantage, mention in your video and description. Once you create a gig with the video and gotten some sales with good feedback, mail the moderators on Fiverr about your gig and ask them to consider featuring you.

The video function is also quite unique in that not many other marketplace platforms similar to Fiverr are able to provide this feature (unless they host them on YouTube, vimeo and other video platforms). This could be the single most important factor that determines how well your gig can grow. Always and I repeat, ALWAYS use video even for gigs that don’t need it. You can create beautiful animation video with this software (you can also use this software to sell animation gigs on fiverr) or have someone on fiverr do it for you .

6.Always promote your gigs

fiverr gig ranking formula

What happens after we publish a Gig? Do we just wait and hope for something to happen? That’s what most people do. They just wait for someone to order their gig. But, if you want to make it to the top ranks of Fiverr and become a level 2 or even a top rated seller, you will need to advertise your gigs. Increase your chances of getting sales and featured by directing lots of traffic to your gig. Advertise, advertise, and spread the word out to ready buyers in your niche. If you advertise your gig, you will be doing more perhaps more than 90% of people in Fiverr do after they published their gig, which is ‘nothing’. They simply do not advertise their gigs and expect people to come, then they blame it on luck when no one orders any gig from them. Bring luck to you, not wait for it!

How do you advertise your gigs on fiverr?

Some straightforward ways are to spread it using the social media buttons when you open the Gig page, include it in your signature in forums and put them on classifieds.

To make it work even better, pick out the related niches. For example, if you write articles, send your ads to sites that are visited by bloggers and, information product creators. Another method which worked rather well is to search on twitter for users that need your services and send them your link with a brief description of your service.

7.Always publish the maximum number of gigs

For every level on Fiverr , as a seller, you are allowed to publish a specific number of gigs. Use this to your advantage to put all of your gigs out into the marketplace and increase the chances that your gigs get seen by potential buyers.

Why do we do this?

First, we must understand how many orders each gig is expected to get every month. A very successful gig may get a couple of orders every single day but more commonly, a gig which is considered successful will get around 1 to 5 orders a day. An average bankable gig will be getting about 3 to 5 orders a week. Every gig that you place in the marketplace could be getting clicks and views from interested parties. From there, they may click on your profile page to see an introduction about yourself and ALL 20 gigs that you are providing. This increases the likelihood that the potential buyer might find a gig that he would like to order from you. It has a ‘butterfly effect’ to your overall Fiverr earnings. The more people who see your gigs, the higher the number of orders you might get, all from the initial decision to put many Gigs out in the marketplace at the start. The more people who viewed your gig, the higher it appears when people filter gigs using the ‘popular’ tab. Here is where you need to make a choice. You can either put more gigs that are all CLOSELY RELATED to each other or mix them around in different niches.

If you only want to do writing gigs, then you could publish other gigs which differ slightly from each other. For example, one Gig could be about writing 500 word articles on Internet Marketing, the other could be writing 500 word articles about Article Marketing. Another could be about writing press releases, SEO articles and such. 20 of these could put you in good standing in the writing category.

Do all of this and your gig is definitely going to be ranking high on fiverr. Meaning you’ll get more sales and more leads coming your way.

Add the right keywords inside the tags, description and title box. Forget trying to target one keyword, go for at least 3. For example, if you have a gig for “Get 1,000 YouTube views”, inside your description, add in keywords such as “high quality YouTube views” “Best YouTube views provider” etc. This will increase likelihood of ranking for multiple keywords.

Other Means to rank your Fiverr gigs

Two gigs …delete one.

Create two gigs with almost the same title , in the same category but, with different images and tags. Observe the two gigs for about 6 days and watch which one has more impressions and clicks. Delete the one with less impressions and share the other remaining gig heavily across all social media platforms.

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