how to resell fiverr gigs

How to Resell Fiverr Gigs for Huge Profit

You’re probably thinking, I’ve heard this all before and you’re about to read another how to make money on Fiverr story. Well,this isn’t like any other Fiverr related info you’ve heard about. If you want to learn about how to make money as a seller on Fiverr, you can read this. This post is about how to resell Fiverrr gigs and make money.

The following method which I’ll go on to explain uses Fiverr, but putting it into a different use. The goal here is to make is make money through replication and minimal effort.

This is the Part 2 of how to make money on fiverr series. You can download the full ebook here.

What services can you resell on Fiverr

  • Graphics
  • Web design
  • Video animation
  • Voice over
  • Spokesperson
  • Article writing

Before I go into details, please note that it is perfectly legal to resell Fiverr gigs, it is not in anyway against Fiver’s terms.

How to Resell Fiverr Gigs

Art is in huge demand. Despite the ever increasing popularity of e-cards, Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year. ART sells them. In the same respect, what sells them is DESIGN – whether it is design of the card itself or the art that’s printed upon it.

With this said, let me cut to the chase. We’re going to use to hire one of many graphic designers who willingly create art for cheap, we’ll buy and resell them. Once you purchase digital forms of art YOU own the copyright. It is part of what you are purchasing, therefore YOU own the right to REPLICATE and replication is where the money is to be made if applied correctly. So the first gig we’ll be reselling is…

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Vector Art

Many graphic designers might state specifically that they do one form of vector art such as character/mascot design.

When you want to select a buyer, It is important that the art is vector to allow for resizing without loss of clarity.

What to do with design?

YOU can sell:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Mugs
  • Calendars

Always ask your designer for vector files or high resolution files, this will allow you to sell products that display the graphic in large sizes.

The following websites (which you’ve probably already heard of) allow you to set up an online shop in a few clicks to upload your designs to apply to a whole array of products including those listed above.

The Sites:


Above all, PARODY sells and it’s one you should maybe explore initially. This can cover famous people and can be sold legally based upon the image being PARODY – a caricature for instance.

Whatever design you choose, make sure there’s a huge demand for the topic and apply it without treading on the T&C of copyright law. Note that a person’s image which is not otherwise PARODY infringes copyright. Think of what‘s currently trending, for example the grumpy Bernie that sold over thousands of copies.


Logo design services are one of the most in demand graphics services. There are hundreds of “creative agencies” who offer Logo design services and all they do is simply outsource their jobs to freelancers on Fiverr and other online freelancing platforms.

How to resell Logos gigs on fiverr

You can simply set up your own “creative agency” and start offering these services. You can offer these services within your city or local area. Get the word out by advertising on your local news outlet and social media and see orders roll in.

Logo services are one of the services I’ll recommend to anyone wants to know how to resell Fiverr gigs because it is one of the high demand gigs on fiverr and you can easily upsell other graphics design services to your customer. You can sell brochures, posters and even social media headers and banners.

A word of caution: Logos often need revisions. Most buyers will usually want to add one or two things after the final design (even when you follow all instructions carefully). So, always make sure that whoever you hired for this service offers multiple revisions.

Web Development

As expensive as web development services are, you’ll find sellers offering for cheap on Fiverr. Just like the graphic design services, there are several web development agencies that outsource all of their web development services. After running these ”agencies” for a while, the owners then sell them on flippa for huge amounts.

How to resell web design gigs

First, you need a competent and inexpensive designer. Try to filter by selecting a level one seller with excellent reviews . You can also hire new sellers by using the buyer request . You can use this template to filter out the good from the bad and ugly.

“I’m looking to hire a web designer for long term. But first, I have a test project. I want a basic website with an homepage , about  , portfolio and contact page. You must begin your reply with TEST PROJECT and add a link to your portfolio”

The essence of this template if to make sure the designer you’re hiring pays attention to detail. Any designer who doesn’t begin his/her reply with TEST PROJECT is automatically filtered out.

Once you have your own website set up, you can then hire the services of a scraper on fiverr. You can tell the scraper to find for example “carpert cleaning services in texas”. When you get the delivery, you can mail those without websites on the list and pitch your services to them or hire someone on fiverr to cold call these businesses for you.

You can also do this manually by searching yelp, yellowpages, yell or any other business directory. But you can get this done for cheap on fiverr.

You can easily upsell this service with a monthly SEO package , social media management, monthly  web maintenance, content marketing, local reputation management or even app services.

Whiteboard animation services

Videoscribe animations and whiteboard animations have become a very popular trend over the past year and it seems more and more small businesses are using these on their websites. If you haven’t seen them before, they are videos where an animated hand will rapidly write and draw along with a narration usually to describe a service or product in an entertaining manner.

How to resell this service

  • Find a seller with excellent reviews and hire them
  • Test their service with your own marketing message. For example, you can have the seller create a One minute animation of your own animation services
  • If you’re pleased with the seller’s service, create a Youtube channel and upload your video. (you might need to have more than one video on the channel, I recommend between 3 -5 videos)
  • Grab the link of each video you uploaded and start promoting your services.
  • You can reach out to businesses on facebook, Instagram and through their websites and pitch your services to them.

Voice overs

This service is one of the most underrated services online. Except for a few businesses cashing out from this service, most “outsourcers” are mainly focused on creative services. Voice over services can cost hundreds of dollars for a few minutes, but there are sellers with “golden voices” selling for cheap.

You can set up a simple ad on facebook or Instagram to spread the word out and you’ll be surprised at the reception. Take the man with the golden voice for example. He went from being an homeless man to being featured on  national radio just because of his voice. You don’t want to know how much celebrities like Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman make from voice overs yearly.


There are many brands looking to have a spokesperson video or commercial of their brand. These services can run into thousands depending on the creative agency. This is why this service is one of the most lucrative fiverr gigs to resell.

There are many sellers offering this service. But it’s advisable to have at least two different sellers- a male and female. So, depending on your buyer’s instruction, you’ll know whom to hire to complete the service.

To sell this service

  • You can either set up a website or Youtube channel with samples of your work.
  • Reach out to brands with active social media pages and pitch your services to them with a link to your videos.

Article writing

This is my all-time favourite fiverr gig to resell. Article writing is one of the services that guarantee repeat buyers with little to no promotion. All you need is one good article and you’ve made a customer for life. I liken an article writer to a hairdresser or a barber. Of course you know there are others that offer the same service (probably at even a lesser price) but you can’t just leave your barber because he gets you. He knows your style, he knows the shape of your head and he knows when to trim or fade. This is what a good article writer does, all you have to do is give him/her your topic with little or no instructions and you’re guaranteed an excellent article.

Sadly, there are many bad writers out there. This is why “content marketing agencies” charge hundreds of dollars for articles. These “content agencies” are mostly individuals or a group who have filtered out the good writers from the bad and now they can boast of “in house writers”.

How to resell article writing gigs

  • Don’t be afraid to spend multiple $5 to get “the one”
  • The buyer request section is what what I’ll recommend for this (you’ll be surprised that there are several article writers with excellent reviews who can’t even communicate in plain English)
  • Post your request in the buyer request section and filter out the good from the bad (you can modify the web design template above)
  • Make sure you have at least 2- 3 buyer (in case one gets overwhelmed with personal orders or you need to fulfil orders in record time)
  • Once you have your sellers, set up a basic wordpress website with the following pages; Home, about, blog & contact. 
  • Before you start promoting your services you need at least 5 articles on your blog page. This will serve at a portfolio. You can have articles like “ benefits of content marketing”, “how to use content marketing for customer acquisition”  “how content marketing impacts SEO” “why you need a content marketing agency” (please note that these are just examples and you can use different topics but make them relevant to your service)
  • Ensure that the content on your pages are well written and error free.
  • Promoting this service is easy because, everyone is always looking for new content to add to their blog, ecommerce store, affiliate sites, local website and company websites.
  • First, you need to join several communities on facebook. Search for SEO groups, Affiliate marketing groups, Niche marketing groups, local marketing groups and ecommerce groups.
  • I recommend joining at least 5 of each group with a minimum of two thousand members.
  • Ensure that these groups are well moderated.
  • Ensure to check these groups multiple times daily and see if anyone needs article writing services.
  • Most of the members of these groups are usually new or established online marketers looking to start or expand their business and are often times asking for recommendations.
  • Funny enough, most online marketers are usually afraid of using fiverr to get article writers and they are willing to fork out top dollar for quality articles.
  • When you see any of these posts, reply to the post in the comments and briefly describe your services. You can include a link to your blog page or wait till the poster replies your comment or send you a Dm.

How much can you earn reselling fiverr gigs

There’s no limit to how much you can make reselling fiverr gigs. All you need is to get started. Find sellers , set up your website/ Youtube channel and start promoting your services through the methods listed above. For a start, you can make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month depending on well you promote your service and several thousands of dollars a month when you’re well established in the business.

In conclusion

Making money on fiverr isn’t so difficult if you learn to work smart by knowing how to resell fiverr gigs. Sadly, most people only read articles like this and never take action. Don’t be like them – money loves speed.

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