How to Sell Video Animation Services on Fiverr

Do you want to learn how to sell video animation services on fiverr?

Video animation and explainer videos have become an increasingly popular trend over the past few years. With more small and medium sized businesses using these videos on their websites to engage their customers and generate leads, this trend isn’t going off anytime soon.Video animation service is also one of the high demand gigs on fiverr.

If you haven’t seen any of these videos before now, they are videos where an animated character will describe a product or service with a narration in an entertaining manner.

Here’s an example

Looking at this video, you might think this looks so complicated and it must have been created by a design or tech guru. But, it’s not. There’s an inexpensive software that allows you to make 3D video animations in a short amount of time. This software is called avatarbuilder (more on this later).

How to sell animation service on Fiverr

Gig Title

Remember to keep it short and straight to the point in order to rank better in searches.

how to sell animation service on fiverr

A good title would be something like “I will create a stunning 3D ANIMATION Video”. This title catches all the keywords. Usually, buyers who search for this gig will either search for it as 3D animation, animation video or video animation. Don’t forget to capitalize one word in your title.


For the category, You have two options. You can either go with “Video & Animation > Character Animation ” or “Video & Animation > Whiteboard & Animated Explainers ”

video animation service on fiverr

Cover photo

 You can either create a 700x 500 banner or hire someone on Fiverr to make one for you cheap. I recommend something like a large 3D character with a plain background and logos (You can have your title in the banner, but not to many texts)

Gig Description

 This depends purely on the amount of work you’re willing to do for $5. This gig sells in hundreds of dollars, but for a new seller, I recommend offering a 60 second animation, up to 90 words including their logo for $15 -$20.

It’s also very crucial to state that buyers must contact you first for a quote if their animation video will be longer or requires any specific details. This way, you won’t get orders from buyers who just want to know how much their project costs. Lastly, be sure to state the number of revisions you provide. Make it clear they’re already getting a high quality animation for cheap and if required, revisions must be within reason.

Gig Gallery

I’d recommend taking a screenshot of one of your avatarbuilder animations and using that with a caption like “Exclusively on Fiverr for only $5”.

Gig Video

Unlike other services on fiverr, your video actually sells your animation service. Before checking out your gallery for other videos, the buyer watches your video, if the buyer is impressed; he/she can proceed to checking out your videos and order your gig.

The main gig video itself should be a video animation you make yourself. Make a 3D animation video describing your gig as well as using the Fiverr logo.


For new buyer, delivery date may be what separates your gig from others. I always recommend 24 -48 hours, at most 3 days. When you start to receive many orders you can set the delivery to 5 days. This allows you to have an Express gig extra too for the impatient buyers who can’t wait 5 days.

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Instructions to buyers

Thank you for your order. Please provide me with the text (up to 90 words) for your animation. Please attach any graphics and logos you wish to have as well” “Please no requests outside of what I offer! You must ask for a quote before ordering if this is the case.”

Ideas for gig extras

Express gig extra:  If you can complete a video in 24 hours, charge an extra $20.

Sync your 60 second voice over with animation: You could also make this gig extra “Provide you with a voice over” if you are confident/skilled enough and have a good microphone. Otherwise, charge $10 to allow your buyer to attach an .mp3 voice over which you will animate to in avatarbuilder.

Deliver your animation in HD: This is no additional work for you or any special process on Avatar builder, but why not charge more for it? It can bring up the average gig selling price for you. Charge $5.

How to Deliver this Gig

Just like I said earlier, you do not need to be a tech guru to deliver this service. All you need is avatarbuilder.

Avatar builder is a cloud-based software that allows you make make 3D video animations as well as save them online or download it for personal / commercial use. Even if you have no idea using a video animating software, Avatarbuilder is very friendly and easy to use. With this software, you can learn to create 3D animations in a few hours and make lots of money since it is a hot service right now on fiverr.

This software provides a large library of 3D characters, graphics , music and fonts to make your job even easier. Avatar builder cost a onetime fee (unlike other tools with a monthly fee) and it quickly pays itself off after you see how in demand this gig is. You can read more about it here.

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